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What does Romance Look LIke in Your Home with a designer near Atlanta, GA?

Take a look at three concepts when adding a Romantic design to your home.

There are many different styles of interior design, and it's easy to get swept away in every single one of them. One style that stands out amongst the rest is the Romantic style. In the world of interior design, the Romantic style is distinguishable by its delicate color palettes, soft and natural lighting, use of free flowing comfortable fabrics, and curvy lines.

So, let's take a look at three concepts when adding a Romantic design to your home with a designer near Atlanta, GA.


When designing a room with Romantic style lighting is very important. Large windows that allow for much sunlight are ideal. However, when the sun goes down, the lighting should be soft and easy on the eyes. Rooms with beautiful vintage or antique chandeliers stand out. Follow this link to some very unique and beautiful chandeliers to romanticize any room in your home.


The Romantic style of interior design has a really fun color palette. Colors are typically a lighter shade of a dusty pink or creamy white. Usually rooms are accented in rose and different shades of purple or turquoise. If you are interested in this style for a room, or your whole house, make an appointment for a consultation with Black Dog Design House at


Accessorizing is always the easiest and most exciting part. Whether you are using high quality fabrics, such as velvet, fur, and silk or adding metallic candle holders for a pop of color, everyone in your home will want to escape to the lush comfortable room you have created.

Black Dog Design House near Atlanta, GA can help you finish a room, or redo your whole house to reflect this beautiful and timeless style. Having a Romantic house or room means having a soft and delicate style that any southern would envy.

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