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8 Decorating Tips for the Holidays

The winter holiday season is right around the corner; you can already hear Mariah Carey singing. Do you know what helps us get in the festive mood? Decking out our house with festive decorations to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional style or a more contemporary style, we guarantee you will find something that fits your desired image of what a home looks like during the holiday season. Read ahead to gather tips on how to decorate your home for the holiday season.

Cover your Silverware with Stockings

Covering your silverware with stockings would bring out the holiday spirit at your dinner table. You could opt for the classic red Christmas stockings, or you could go for green stockings as well.

Swap the Table Cloth

Replacing your Table cloth with a plaid blanket could add creativity to your dinner table without any hard work from your side.

DIY Leaf Garland

Gather your kids for a fun afternoon activity and make garlands out of green craft paper together. You could dress your fireplace, hallways, staircases, and much more with your DIY leaf garlands. For some added flair, you could add red jingle bells.

Festive Pillow

Let the holiday spirit shine in your living room by decorating your pillows. Sew velvety red cloth around a pillow or alternatively get a red pillow and wrap a white ribbon around it with a bow. Add some light greenery into the mix and enliven your living room with festivity.

Add Some Candies to Your Christmas Tree

Consider going easy on the red and green bells on your Christmas tree. Instead, opt to add some candy-colored ornaments to your Christmas tree. Peppermint Canes and Lollipops would definitely bring out some color from your tree.

Add fruits to Your Decorations

To give your home a more natural look, you can consider adding fruits like berries, apples, or limes instead of bulbs and bells to your leaf garlands and wreaths.

Adding Snowfall to Your Floors

You could simulate snowfall in your house by randomly placing sheepskin rugs or any other types of fluffy rugs around the house. Some great places to add it would be under the Christmas tree.

Display Christmas Cards

You must have received a lot of Christmas cards. If you haven’t thrown them out yet, you could display them in many different creative ways. You could place Christmas cards on the walls and shape them into a tree. Alternatively, you could hang them amongst your leaf garlands or wreaths.

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