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Light Up Your Mood by Utilizing Color Psychology

It may not be obvious but color has a significant impact on what you buy, your creative levels, moods, psychology, and productivity. It also influences your appetite and confidence. Therefore, choosing what colors are around you is crucial. A fresh layer of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to amp up your home's interior. Here is how you can effectively utilize different colors to your advantage:


The color symbolizes success, growth, and health. It's the shade of harmony and balance. Hospitals often utilize this color to provide a calming environment for their patients. Green is commonly perceived as a conservative and masculine color. So, it is also a great color option for home offices and workspaces. You can balance the green with some earthy brown furniture and decoration.


Think optimism, inspiration, and happiness. The color is known for boosting concentration skills and memory. However, another interesting fact is that babies tend to cry more while sleeping in yellow rooms. So, some yellow hints are enough to bring life to a room but too much can be overwhelming.


Similar to yellow, a little orange can go a long way. The color can add warmth to a space and boost enthusiasm, creativity, vitality, and energy. While muted earth tones and burnt oranges are on-trend currently, the color orange can get old very quickly (exhibit A: the 70s). So, limit the use of this color to things you can change like photo frames, table runners, and cushions.


Blue releases chemicals in your body that help you relax. It is probably the best color for your bedroom walls! You can utilize the various shades of the color blue to curate a plethora of looks- be it sophisticated, beachy, or dreamy.


This strong color makes for a great accent shade in interior design. It symbolizes passion, warmth, love, but also aggression, anger, and danger. However, avoid using this active color in a kid's bedroom!


This color represents wealth, magic, healing, power, and luxury. It also makes for an interesting accent color.


This comfortable, earthy, solid, and natural color is a favorite among men. However, avoid using too much of it or it will make your room feel boring and dull.


White is the color of light, innocence, purity, and simplicity. It is perfect for a minimal look. While this neutral color goes with everything, the downside is that it can get dirty.


Representing simplicity and calm, ivory's and beige are timeless interior design colors.


These colors can add some sophistication to your interiors. Team these shades with a bold accent or white for the oomph factor.

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