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Think About Your Location Before Decorating

Your place won’t truly feel like home unless it has been designed, decorated and furnished in your desired image. Oftentimes people living in the country would have embellished their homes in accordance to the style and aesthetics of their surroundings. While others pay no attention to their surroundings when decorating their places.

While no single approach is the right one, we think it’s quite worthy to seek inspiration from the location of your house to decide the décor of your home. You might find that no matter where you live, there is always something in your neighborhood that can inspire the aesthetics of your home.

Let’s explore the many ways your location can help you in decorating your place.


Every home, whether it's an antique farmhouse in the country or a modern townhouse in the newest suburbia, has its own character.

Do you live in an old neighborhood? Beautiful classic furniture may be used to pay homage to that history. Is this a newly established area? Why don't you opt for a more modern look? Or, even better, get to know your neighbors and observe how they're decorating their homes.

At the same time, don't let the character of your neighborhood limit you. If you reside in a historic town, don't feel obligated to buy antique furniture. After all, a great deal of old-fashioned homes have been rebuilt and redone in a modern design!


Hang regionally relevant and/or locally made art and photographs if you truly want to brand your house in accordance to your surrounding region. There are a variety of approaches you can take to this location-based decorating as well.

For example, you could hang your own photographs taken at nearby landmarks; you could buy artwork from homegrown, local artists; you could buy contemporary artistry from living local artists; or you could do a combination of these things, reserving different areas of your home for different types of art and photography.


What is the indigenous, colonial, and multicultural history of your neighborhood? Make use of these links to get some decorating ideas for your home.

Do you have to give up the style you had in mind just because you're thinking about your neighborhood? Certainly not! However, by observing your surroundings and considering how to incorporate them into your house, you may discover many ways your style can be accentuated.

Our expertise in building and design over the last 25 years has given us an opportunity to know our clients and friends. Having been recognized for our custom approach to meeting the individual styles and needs of each client, our goal is to create spaces and pieces that truly reflect our client's own style. Let us be a part of your design dream! Click here to complete our consultation form!

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