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Taking the Stress Out of Having House Guests This Holiday Season

Extra chairs, pillows, blankets and the dining room table. These are a few of the things we are going to address to make your holiday less stressful!

It’s that time of the year when celebrating the holidays with family and friends can be

overwhelming. Every year we have hopes of pulling off the holidays without the

arguments and backbreaking work preparing for guests can bring. First of all, let me tell

you, that you are not alone. This time of the year that is meant to be thankful and to give

can really turn out to be the “War of The Roses”. So we are here to offer a few ways to

reduce the stress and increase the celebration!

Taking the Party Outdoors

This time of the year is wonderful for being outdoors and enjoying company. During the holidays we usually have people over far longer than a typical dinner party.Taking the party outside can help to clear out the house and let your guests enjoy catching up with each other while you are finishing up in the kitchen. There are a few ways to heat things up! You may use a fire pit or outdoor patio heaters, and pull out some warm cozy blankets. Your guests will be relaxed and ready to enjoy that wonderful meal.

Extendable Tables and Folding Chairs

Once you are ready to have your guests come inside for dinner, you need to have a place for

them to sit. Extendable dining tables can accommodate an additional 4-8 people. If you need

additional space or don’t have an extendable table you can use a foldable banquet table using a matching linen tablecloth. This goes for chairs as well. There are many options for foldable that have a very finished look to them without making Uncle Louie feel like he’s sitting on garage furniture.

Chairs, Couches and Futons

You may have a few guests that have arranged to stay over. If you have an extra bedroom or

you are using a futon, pull out couch, or blow up mattress, make your guests feel comfy with

soft sheets, blankets and extra fluffy pillows. Try to designate a small space for them to have

their privacy and if possible provide a chair and side table with a lamp. Many times it is difficult to sleep in new surroundings and a light read and hot cup of tea may help them to unwind and be able to sleep.

We hope these few tips will help with the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays and help to put the joy back where it belongs. You may be thinking this is great but who has time to do all this and cook dinner for 20 people? We, at Black Dog Design House are here to help you plan out your holiday arrangements and any other project you may have. Contact us at and we will be happy to help! Happy Holidays from Black Dog Design House.

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