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Stripes and Lemons: A Taste of Southern Decor

Summer is finally here! It is time for the backyard bar-be-cue hangouts. Your patio looks beautiful and ready for company. Only one last thing to put together- your outdoor dining area.

Black and White Striped Tablecloths

Don’t be mortified by this year’s choice of Summer choice. Black and white striped tablecloths are the way to go. The timeless and elegant look of the stripes not only elongate your table, making it seem longer but also provoke the eye to move to the details of the rest of the table. Put away the colorful and floral tablecloths for this year! If you enjoy elaborate table decorations, this pattern is the perfect fit for you!


What screams ‘Summer’ more than vivaciously yellow lemons! This year, consumers have pranced away from the pineapple and livened up their spaces with lemons. Pairing lemons in a large clear cylindrical vos (cut with lemon wedge showing or entire lemons) with the black and white tablecloths give this summer’s decor taste a new and refreshing look.

Wooden and White Plates with a Touch of Greenery

Wooden charger plates are a bold (and easy to clean- yes!) choice for the outdoor dining table. White dinner plates placed in a corecentric form on top of the wooden charger, is easy enough to do and more than likely already in your cabinets! Paired with a white cloth napkin and a sprig of rosemary or mint simply looks lovely with the rest of your dining finishes. 

Yellow Circus Glasses

So. Much. Fun. These antique glasses have been making a comeback and definitely bring out the yellow in the lemon centerpieces. Furthermore, they are now made in plastic for a more “family friendly” dining experience. Place at the 1’oclock position of the dining plates and we’re almost ready for dinner.

Can’t Eat Without Cutlery!

Bring on the bold, bring on the gold. Yes! This year’s cutlery trend is actually simplistic style but bright and bold gold! To have the perfect finish on your table, place these either on top of the dinner napkin in the fork, knife spoon order or have the cutlery displayed traditionally with forks on the left of the plates and knives and spoons on the other side of the plate.

Enjoy setting up your charming southern table with a twist this summer. Elaborate with greens and even wood accents or whatever speaks to you. Our expertise in building and design over the last 25 years have given us an opportunity to know our clients and friends. Having been recognized for our custom approach to meeting the individual styles and needs of each client, our goal is to create spaces and pieces that truly reflect our client's own style. Let us be a part of your design dream! Click here to complete our consultation form!

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