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5 Design Elements To Try This Spring

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

If you feel like this has been the longest winter in history, you’re not alone.Yes, it’s been nice to be able to curl up with a great book and blanket but every season has a shelf life. Bring on the light pink, birds chirping, flowers blooming, grass growing inspirational season of Spring!

Here are 5 fun and exciting design and decor elements to try out in 2020:

Think Pinks

Obviously, pastels are a favorite every year during the spring, but mauve pinks are the accent color for the season. If you loved the 80’s get ready to enjoy all the pinks that the decade made so popular. Throw blankets, flowers, accented pillows, do it all! Have a pink party!

Wood Accents

The farmhouse look is not dead, it is just getting a little facelift. Contrasting from white wood however, natural and brown wood tones are trending. Nothing is making its comeback quicker than wicker! Use wicker baskets for decor or functional or even incorporating wicker woven rocking chairs are also a nice touch to a front porch.


Marble made a subtle comeback in early 2018, but it is being utilized in full force now. Colored marble streaks for countertops, showers, wall paper, and even shelving are becoming very popular. If you’re thinking of using marble in your kitchen, pair your new countertops with dark painted cabinets. Believe it or not, dark green creates a chic and alluring contrast that has your eyes begging for more.

Oversized Pottery

Indoor plants have been making great space in the design and decor avenue for a while now. Instead of big white ceramic pottery to hold your precious plants in, go for clay! With warm tones being welcomed back into home color pallets, the terra cotta pots are an easy, and beautiful way to contain those green cuties. Only one rule, the bigger the better! Here’s an additional tip! If you’re tired of your fancy fiddle leaf fig dying and spending a fortune on new ones, get a more sustainable alternative...An olive tree! They’re elegant and easier to keep alive. Insert praise hands!

Patterns that POP!

If you geek out for geometric shapes, this is the year for you! Patterned wallpaper chalk full of colors and shapes are IN. If you could take or leave the patterned prints, other options (believe it or not) include tropical and jungle themed wall prints. Aren’t we fancy?

2020, you’re bringing in Spring with a big, bold bang! Part of the fun of this industry is applying functionality with trends and styles and over the last 25 years, we have seen a good many of them come and go. Ready to dive into this adventure of design? We would be honored to help you with your next home project. Contact us at Black Dog Design house today for your consultation!

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