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Spring Forward With Black Dog Design House Near Atlanta, GA

Usually preparing your yard for spring can be a chore that no one wants to do, however this year, everyone is celebrating. Let us at Black Dog Design House near Atlanta, GA give you a simple list to follow. Anyone can get their yard and minds ready for Spring 2021 using this 3X3 framework for your Georgia yard!

1. Preparing your deck for Spring with Black Dog Design House

1. Wash your deck to get it nice and clean, and ready to entertain like never before! Start by getting rid of all leaves and other debri, with a leaf blower if you have one. Then powerwash your deck and while you’re at it, wash your outdoor furniture, including the fabrics used for them. Be sure to place the fabrics and furniture in an open space to allow it to properly air dry.

2. Replace any wooden planks that have rotted or broken over winter. Since this year is full of lots of new begins, consider new outdoor fabrics, something colorful and vibrant. If you used stone on any facade in your yard, be sure to check it, and replace any that are missing.

3. Add a roof to your deck if you don’t already have one. Once you have a roof, you can add a screen to the exterior, keeping your deck bug free. Additionally, you’ll have the privacy to enjoy your favorite glass of wine before noon without your neighbors ever knowing.

2. Consider a pond this Spring

1. Above ground ponds offer protection to any small children and dogs that may be visiting your yard. A pond will attract butterflies and birds, making your morning coffee therapeutic this spring and summer.

2. Below ground ponds are a better option for those who are absolutely sure they want to have a pond. A below ground pond can be made larger than an above ground pond, especially depending on the amount of land you have to dedicate to the project. Visit your neighborhood home improvement store for a step by step guide to creating the perfect below ground pond,and if you have any questions reach out at Black Dog Design House.

3. Pumps are essential to whatever kind of pond you decide to get. The pump keeps the water moving, preventing mosquitoes from breeding. Moving water helps to keep the water clean and reduce the chance of algae overpopulating the pond. The sound of the water and critters your pond attracts will be sure to relax you after a long day working in the yard.

3. Entertain in your outdoor kitchen with Black Dog Design House

1. Prep food for you and your friends with countertops that are attached to your outdoor sink. Under the counters you could easily hide a trash can, that way it’s out of the way, and not attracting bugs.

2. Cook in an outdoor kitchen space with your grill as the centerpiece. Using a gas grill will allow you to also use pots, as most have smaller burners. In addition to the grill, you could also install a brick oven.

3. Enjoy the fruits of your labor sitting at your outdoor table, on your screened in, newly cleaned porch. Having an outdoor kitchen set up will allow you to entertain in your yard as if it were your indoor kitchen. Or, maybe a small bar with high top chairs is more your style. Whatever you prefer, just make sure to enjoy the food!

Preparing your yard for spring could be as simple as cleaning what you have, or as fun as adding a whole outdoor kitchen. Whatever you decide to do this spring, don’t forget, Black Dog Design House offers a variety of services, from a full house remodel, to inspiring the people of Georgia in their backyards and beyond on our Pinterest Page.

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