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Never Stall for Fall

It may still feel like you could melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July outside, but no need to fear, fall is almost here! 2019 Welcomes a various array of mediums, brings back warm colors and accentuates nature all around. Take a look to see what is trending this year!

Patterned Blankets and Faux Furs

Orange plaid and patterned blankets are brought back into style to cozy up on a couch or patio. What’s new? Faux Fur throw blankets. White furs calm the busy-ness of plaids and compliment quite quaintly in living rooms, or even draped over formal dining room chair sets. Could it be any more cuddly?

White, Black and Metallic

If you spent a fortune last year on white and black pumpkins, you’ve made a great investment. This year to add to that look, add a brass pumpkin in the mix. The pop of color can highlight any porch, staircase, or mantle.  You can never go wrong with an extra pumpkin (or three). The rule on pumpkin decorating this year is “The More, The Merrier.” However, if you feel like you’ve exhausted pumpkins year after year, apples are being used as a pumpkin substitute. Do you love it, or do you love it?

Earthy Wreaths

DIY-ers deco mesh is a “no go” this year. If you plan on using wreaths this year as a part of your fall decor, ditch the deco mesh and go for all natural mediums. Twig, wheat, and baby’s breath wreath are amongst the more popular supplies used in wreaths this fall. Also following the trends this fall, two is better than one. Whenever the opportunity arises, try coupling wreaths on windows or double doors. 

Wheat, Cornstalks, and...FEATHERS

Following these “earthy” trends, it is important to have a cohesive and symbiotic relationship between nature and home decor this year. The forever popular cornstalks will look great lining porches or fence lines. Wheat, another crowd favorite, only makes sense to use considering it’s cost efficiency and beauty. As it is commonly seen to have wheat in centerpieces or even atop a nice wooden crate, feathers are also going to be key in adorning your home. Rich browns, warm reds, toasty oranges bundled together can be used in centerpieces, accented with wheat bundles or even sprinkled in with your wreaths. This versatile medium will add a new texture to your autumn line up.

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