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How to Get Your Deck Ready for Summer

Imagine: the most inviting place at your home may very well be your patio.

A summer serenade brings some to the dance floor. The smell of honeysuckle pleasantly revisits your backyard. The sounds of toasts being made under a magically-lit patio, and the plops of sandbags on a cornhole board are an ear-shot away.  

A season full of fond memories, good food and great people could be only a few steps away with the right decor!

Here are our pro-tips of how you can get your deck ready for your summer guests:

1. Lighting

Late night? No matter.

Proper lighting sets the tone for the perfect backyard. Sitting under string lights evenly lights a patio and is aesthetically pleasing. Edison lights (shown here) are a cost-effective way to light your space and needs no room for perfection.

String them where and how you like, and remember when using these, less is more!

2. Furniture

When choosing your furniture, consider functionality, comfortability and durability. Since patio furniture can be somewhat of an investment, you don’t want to have to purchase the same pieces repetitively.

However if you go with an option that can have versatile function (side tables/coffee tables that are easy to move around) and replaceable pieces (pillows/cushions) you’ll get more bang for your buck.

A nice outdoor rug always ties the space together for a “put together” look.

3. Greenery

You can never have enough.

Plants are a beautiful addition to any patio and can have multiple purposes. Lemon balm deflects mosquito, and mint is great for mojitos!

Place any plant of your choosing in geometrical potters and surround your outdoor oasis with beauty and functionality.

4. Atmosphere

When the sun goes down, the temperature drops and it can even be chilly.

Pavers and a fire pit are a fun and year round remedy to a little outdoor temperature change.

These can very easily be a DIY project with cinder blocks and pavers or conveniently ready-made fire pits at any local wholesale retailer.

Do you want to get your deck ready for guests this summer?

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