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Getting Your Backyard Ready for the Warmer Months in Georgia

Being at the peak of winter (even in Georgia) can have you day-dreaming to warmer days. It doesn’t help that some days have already hit 70 degrees in January. Don’t worry! It will be here soon enough. But in the down time, let’s talk about some backyard business! You know you’d like to have a functional yet inviting backyard to entertain or even to personally enjoy. Here are 3 tips for getting your backyard ready for those warmer months coming from your preferred interior designer in Georgia.


You must ask yourself, ‘Am I wanting to lounge on the patio,eat/entertain, or possibly both?’. Keeping these questions in mind will be deliberate the type of furniture to keep in your backyard while being intentional of how you use your space. Maximizing the usable space to be open and accommodating to your needs will yield in a heavily utilized backyard. If you do enjoy entertaining and eating, invest in a set of furniture that can meet those needs. Perhaps lounge couches with a few side tables is enough to eat, relax and enjoy the masses or possibly a party of one.

Bringing in the Warmth

An outdoor chiminea or fire pits are a great way to extend an afternoon gathering to an intimate evening. During the Spring and Fall months, day time temperatures tend to be perfect, but at night- woo, can it get cold! Being both beautiful and functional, these options are far more sustainable than large, bulky heaters and have the element of design. Anchor your furniture around the chiminea to create the ultimate backyard scene. You were about to purchase one of those heaters, weren’t you? Luckily you’ve got your interior designer in Georgia is here to help you with these decisions! Warmth can also come from lighting in the backyard. Send a string of lights over your seating area, or adorn your walkway and flower gardens with solar powered lights. With so much hard work, you’re going to want to see the entire scape at all times of the day.


This is a great opportunity to try something new! Instead of walking through grass to a patio area, make the experience to the patio worth remembering. Use stepping stones or pavers to maneuver through grass and create flower beds along the way. A mixture of color, heights and types of plants and flowers can create an aesthetic experience all within only a few feet! If flowers aren’t your thing, get a few shrubs of greenery and encircle them with gray river rock. Nip any plants that may be dead and bring your backyard back to life! A final tip here is to install tile on top of concrete to create the “wow factor” for all who step foot on your precious patio!

Get the look and feel that best suits you! After over 25 years of being in the business, we, at Black Dog Design House have learned how to tailor specifications that speak to your soul. Your backyard is an extension of your home, so shouldn’t it also reflect you? Book me now to have your outdoor space ready for warmer Georgia Months! We look forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Your Interior Designer in Georgia, who also gives love to the exteriors!

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