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5 Design Ideas For A Summer Party

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Nothing is going to make people feel better than being able to gather together after such a crazy time in history. Let’s be real, we are already missing our friends and family. With so much gloom and doom lurking around, take the time to plan for a Summer party. Give your people something to look forward to. It may be what keeps people going!

Here are 5 fun decor ideas you can replicate at your future summer party:


Luaus are great. Large green leaves accented with pink flowers are a tasteful and lovely adorning your relaxing summer gathering.These DIY garlands can be made easily with store-bought greenery or even construction paper. Terra cotta pots can be decorated and used as tiki men and hold cutlery for a buffet-style dinner.

Balloon Arches

Want a gorgeous and welcoming display at little cost? Balloon arches are a great way to decorate for your summer party. Does it scream celebration and excitement? Absolutely! How better to welcome your friends and family at your home after a long period of time away from one another. Fishing line,a thick needle, multi colored balloons, and hooks. This is all you need! Vary the sizes and colors of the balloons, string your fishing line, work your balloons through the knotted bottom, string them on hooks and BAM!. The best thing about this display is how the imperfections make this decor PERFECT! Combine this idea with the tropical theme, and add foliage to any “bare” spots.

Magical Trees

String lights and streamers. Something so simple can really turn an evening gathering into a magical experience. If you’re planning to do a Patriotic gathering in July, use red white and blue streamers dangling in the trees. Not only will you see periodic fireworks, there will be dreamy fireworks in your trees as well.

Photo Area

Ever heard the expression, “If you didn’t take a picture, it never happened.”? Well now you have. This is a very important occasion, make it very memorable. A simple frame hanging from a tree is a neat way to capture a small amount of people. If you’re looking to have a large space for picture taking, drape some sheer curtains on a durable and thin rope and hang them from the trees. This simple and elegant look is great for the daytime. To take it to nighttime hang a string of lights hanging behind the sheer curtain. It has a beautiful allure and doubles in practicality for lighting up the area!

Pineapples and Watermelon

These Summer fruits are a party-decorating fail safe! Paint the top of a pineapple in different colors and voila! You’ve got a cheap and cute centerpiece. Ah, and watermelons. The refreshing farmhouse fruit of choice. Cut watermelons into “pie” shapes and make a layer of watermelon layer with ice in a large clear container. Repeat until the container is full and you’ve got functional appetizers as well as lovely centerpieces for your picnic tables! If that’s not your style, cut the watermelon in half, make melon balls and use the hollow part of the melon as a bowl!

We are grateful for gatherings, to feel togetherness and for your business. At Blackdog Design house, we can make your visions reality. Let us aid you in your interior design, remodel, and custom finishes/furniture. Click here to book a consultation today. We look forward to the future!

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