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4 Ways To Give Your Balcony A Facelift

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Remember all of those wonderful and exciting plans you made for Summer 2020 and then the Corona virus came along? Yeah, we do too. Plans may have been suspended, but time has created the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home space. While spending an extended amount of time at home, this is the best time to give your balcony a facelift! Remembering mental health is so very important. Take some time to breathe outside on your safe and beautiful balcony. 

Here are 4 ways to give your balcony a facelift:

Optimizing Space

Seating can be limited when you’re on a balcony. Bench-style seating is a great way to make as much room available as possible. If your rear believes there are more comfortable options, you may think again! Layering benches with blankets and pillows make for a softer place to plop down and super easy to clean!

Over-Sized Plants

Bring the beach to your balcony in a flash. Tall tropical plants on your balcony create cleaner air and add aesthetic appeal. Create a motif on your balcony and place trees in different planters to speak to your style. Not comfortable going out to the store to buy these big beauties? No need to worry! Many retailers are doing free curbside pick-ups and deliveries such as HomeDepot, Wal-Mart, and the forever loved Amazon!

Lantern Lighting

String lights are always a “good-go” but lanterns have made a swift come back in 2020. These little lamps create a brilliant and cost-effective ambiance. Light coverage stretches easily from one area of the balcony to another and can also be useful inside. Using faux flame bulbs can enhance the feeling of your balcony.

Lattice Garden

Have one wall that’s dull, bare and not enough space to spare? Great! What a way to introduce a lattice garden to your balcony. Plants can grow tall against a wall on a lattice board. Ivy, flowers and even strawberries thrive on these boards and can be painted to make an even more eye-appealing wall. 

Times are...different to say the least, but they don’t have to be terrible. Maybe this 2020 was just the year and transformation that your breathtaking balcony needed. Your place should be your space of inspiration.We, at  Black Dog Design House, are ready to help you plan out your next home project. . We’ve got what you need from painters, flooring installers, construction contractors, cabinet craftsmen, etc. for your remodeling plans. Give us a call today! We look forward to working with you.

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