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4 Ways to Take Back Your Living Space in Atlanta, GA.

Dive into a new home project creating, repurposing, and adding life to your living room.

If you are ready to shed the old living habits that COVID has forced on us, then keep reading. It’s time to take our homes back, and give them new life that is inviting and full of life. Let’s start by creating a circulation flow that allows for natural walking paths, opening up your home for optimal space. Then, we can take a close look at that unused space finding a way to use it to your advantage. Of course, what COVID goodbye party would be complete without a revamp of the most used room?

So let’s dive into a new home project creating, repurposing, and adding life to your living room:

Creating Circulation

Opening your windows is usually the first way to create circulation in a home, but we’re not talking about that kind of circulation. Having your home open so that people can walk around freely is exactly what everyone needs in 2021. Using a living room layout planner, like this one When planning out your layout, remember to have a walking path that is uninterrupted.

Unused Usable Space

Many areas throughout different houses have spaces that are just there. Instead of placing some common piece of artwork on it and pretending it’s not there, reuse it for some storage. Space underneath a set of stairs or small partial walls separating rooms make for great storage for all the amazing adventures you are bound to have in 2021.

New Living Room

The most used room of 2020 should be completely replaced. Bring in 2021 with a new upbeat and lively living room. Let Black Dog Design House work with you to create the perfect living space that you won’t mind seeing again. With our team of designers, we can put any vision into a visual piece of work.

New Furniture Piece

Tie together rooms with a bold statement piece. Think outside the box and have a custom piece of furniture made from one of our furniture artisans. Use it as a centerpiece in your new living room, or as an organizational piece. Either way, the door is open to a whole new team full of ideas.

Black Dog Design House wants to help you forget the woes of 2020 and put the wow in 2021. There is no better way to do that then to reimagine and reshape the layout and overall feel of your home. We can help you with the redesign of any home, the addition of new furniture, and adding some organization to otherwise cluttered areas. Contact Black Dog Design House today to book your consultation at

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