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4 Ways To Add Summer Elements to Your Home

It’s sweet Summer time! Though this season of life has looked quite different in the past, it doesn’t have to dampen your present living space. Spruce up your home to project your favorite vacation spot. Whether you’re going out of town or not, your home can be a sweet serenity of the spot you love to visit this time of the year.

Here are four ideas to incorporate in your Summer haven of a home!

Aruba, Jamaica

Let’s face it. Beachin’ it this summer has been for the brave. Whether you’ve decided to go out of town or not, you can always bring the beach back home. Adding light white and subtle blue details to your home can pull all the “water” feels. A aqua glass lamp, a simple ocean-framed mirror, even blue vases holding oversized greenery captures elements of the beach in your home. Changing your bed comforter can also bring the ambiance to your bedroom. Buy the nautical-themed luxury set you’ve always wanted. You owe it to yourself! Starfish and sand dollars are also great (and easy) ways to accessorize a bookcase, shelf or even a dresser. Little reminders of the place you love the most will lift your spirits and shift you to where you dream to be. Create a playlist on your preferred home entertainment device to really set the mood. You can already hear the Beach Boys in the background singing ‘Kokomo’ can’t you?

I’m a Mountain Kind of (Wo)Man!

The beach may not be your place of serenity, and that’s OK. The mountains may be what calls you to peace. Here are a few ideas to implement during your staycation summer. Obviously any elements of wood bring in the piney feels of the mountains. If it’s time to replace old shelves, you may think to create a mountainous feel by making triangular-peaked shelves. Not only does this add an element of design, but you can adorn them with small plants with mimicking foliage of the forest. One-up your wall art. Find fun prints of nature whether it be leaves, mountain animals, or even different wood textures to make visual reminders of the mountains. If you’d like to update your outdoors, replace your current flower beds with slate rocks and plants found in the mountains. This sleek look creates the feel of the mountains and is very visually appealing.

Lake for Days

If you’re Native to Georgia, you know that the lakes have been filled with many visitors. This may have understandably made your going to the lake a “no-go” this year. A way to dream about the lake instead of dreading not being able to go is getting a full map of your local lake to hang up in your home. Make large prints of past vacations with friends and family and hang them up in wooden frames. Driftwood is a great way to decorate your home. It’s majestic, stunning and simple. Finally, displaying oars above your bed is a fun way to invite the lake to your home and is definitely a conversational piece.

International State of Mind

If it’s hard to choose one of these ways to decorate your home for summer, we have an idea as to why. You love them all! You must be the adventurous one of the group, huh? Well that’s great. We have ideas for you! Travelers love to talk about their past adventures and dream of new ones. Order a wall-sized international map and “pin” all of the places you’ve been and all of the places you would love to go. Like I said, 2020 may not have been the ideal year, but there is hope for the future! There are several types of wall maps available here, and are removable.

Make this summer an opportunity to look forward to the future by transforming your space. Need a little help getting there? We’re here to help. At Black Dog Design House, it is what we have been doing successfully for over two decades with a multitude of testimonials. Let us be a part of your next home design project! Contact us today to see how we can assist you. We look forward to it.

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