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3 Ways to Warm Up Your Yard With Black Dog Design House Near Alpharetta Ga

Clearing away all the clutter and debris left behind by the cold, let’s look at 3 ways to warm up your backyard with Black Dog Design House.

This is the one of the only times of the year we look forward to cleaning, I know I do!! When the long awaited spring arrives, new resolve takes hold. Birds, squirrels, and chipmunks are busy working to make a nice home for their new arrivals. Life is all around and it is good to be outside, especially this year! Let’s get busy clearing away all the clutter and debris left behind by the cold and look at 3 ways to warm up the backyard.

Add Personal Touches

Tidying up your yard and cleaning your outside furniture is necessary and elicits a good response, but just isn’t enough sometimes. Warming up your area doesn’t always mean candles, although I love candles, adding personal touches create a warm and cozy nest. Adding a hammock connected by your two favorite trees will give you a shaded place to read that book you’ve been putting off reading. Using your newly found space is not for daytime use only! Imagine dinner finished, kids in bed, and you just slowly swing in your hammock with a glass of wine and your favorite person. The only thing to make this more romantic would be a set of globe string lights to give you the softest of ambient lighting.

Container Gardening

Adding color to your outdoor space is fun and exciting. There are so many choices!!! Find a palette that works for you and run to your local nursery or home improvement store. I like using containers for my flowers. I can place them where I want, I can move them around if needed, and they just add a beautiful accent to the surrounding area. I usually start with two to three types of flowers, maybe a wave petunia that spills over as it grows or a soft lobelia that adds subtle color. Instead of using traditional green fillers, I plant herbs that I often use in the kitchen. Flat leaf parsley and purple basil are some of my favorites. Adding plants like catnip, lavender, marigolds and citronella are natural mosquito repellents that add a wonderful smell as well.

Honey Bee and Butterfly Attractions

Butterflies, bees, and birds add beauty and excitement to any garden, but there is a much greater reason to invite pollinators into your space. Many ornamental and edible plants rely on these beautiful creatures to transfer the pollen within their blooms. Honey Bees especially are in need of safe places to pollinate and survive. Bees lie at the heart of our survival. They pollinate 1 in 3 bites of food we eat and are essential to the health and prosperity of countless ecosystems. So while we lay in our hammock and enjoy a glass of wine, we can rest knowing we’ve done our part to help conserve the bee population.

There are so many small ideas that can really change the appearance of a home one space at a time. Black Dog Design House is here to assist you with any changes you want to implement. Take a look at our custom creations to get inspired and call to speak with one of our designers or book a consultation. Let us help you transform your dream into reality, one space at a time.

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