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3 GA Interior Design Spring Cleaning Tips

GA Interior Design Cleaning Made Simple with these Tips.

Spring is in the air! Hopefully, that’s the only thing in the air after you have completed all your spring cleaning. Since nobody likes to clean, we’ve compiled a quick checklist to help you get through it as quickly as possible. Let us help you redefine living in your living room by adding some much needed light.

Plant the gift fresh air and color with house plants and fresh flowers. Lastly, we’ll help you remember those easily forgotten tasks, with these simple GA interior design cleaning tips.

Lighten Up Your Living Room

  • Remove and wash all curtains.

  • Wash windows and window frames.

  • Repaint your living room white, or book a consultation with Black Dog Design House for more information on how we can help you choose the perfect spring fling for your walls.

  • Cover your couches with a fresh white linen couch cover.

  • Replace couch pillows and throws.

Add and Protect GA Interior Design Plants

Add plants and fresh flowers to add color to any room. Choose live plants that are easy to take care of, like Peace Lilies, Boston Ferns for a bathroom, and Ponytail Palm’s, perfect for any busy family. Adding live plants can at times come with a few kinks. Fungus or soil gnats sometimes lay their eggs in the roots of plants and hatch when watered. But, your local GA interior design partner has come up with a simple list of preventative measures.

  • Allow infected plant soil to dry completely before next watering and repeat once more a few days later.

  • Replace the top inch of soil with sand, gravel, or even small aquarium like rocks.

  • Avoid over watering your plants, and try to water your plants from the bottom.

Forgotten Tasks

  • Clean all ceiling fixtures, remembering to cover your couches and tables while cleaning.

  • Clean baseboards with a gentle soap and water mix.

  • Clean the frame of all the beds in your home next time you are changing the bedding.

  • Vacuum, or clean, under any rugs.

  • Remove all unused items in all rooms throughout the house.

Removing unused items can cause us to second guess ourselves. Getting rid of any books or magazines you’ve already read can be done in an environmentally responsible way by donating to a local thrift shop or public library. More importantly, when cleaning out your medicine cabinet and removing expired or unused prescription drugs,there is a protocol to follow. Using a prescription drop off service is being environmentally responsible. Your local Georgia CVS has a medicinal disposal kiosk that, when used, creates a biodegradable gel, helping nature to flourish to its fullest potential this and every spring.

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be the drag it’s always been when you’re adding exciting new elements to your home. Adding fresh light and revitalizing colors isn’t limited to just the living room, any room can be updated. When you need help with inspiration, Black Dog Design House in Georgia can help! Contact one of our team members, or check us out on Pinterest. No matter how you choose to let us help you, we’ll always be here for you.

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