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Pantry Organization Party

With the thicket of Summer behind us, it’s time to clean out the pantry and get organized for the fall. No more half-eaten bags of stale chips, soggy cereal boxes and semi-rotten fruit shall be stored in the pantry! Here are some ideas to get that pinterest-inspired pantry that we all dream of and is within hands-grasp of reality.


Most pantry items can be easily opened and stored in different sized containers for optimal freshness and shelf-life, not to mention it’s easier to see and to get to. What better than to simplify. Imagine, being able to see you’re almost out of something instead of hopelessly searching to find no end. Does this motivate you to start? Let’s continue.

Different mediums of containers can create different feels for the style and purpose of your pantry. Glass containers are very visually appealing if your pantry is visible. Have little children that like to help themselves to snacks? If so, plastic containers may be the way to go. Here is a starter kit of both types of containers (plastic or glass) for your pantry re-purposing.


Where can there be organization without baskets? The practicality and affordability of baskets can contain things such as canned foods, produce, and even snack bags. Here are some adorable farm fresh baskets available in multiple sizes for your pantry!


Flour or sugar? Who’s got the time to find out? Labels will cost you a little lead time but save you so much time in the future when locating items in your pantry. Got a sharpee? Permanent markers can be removed off of virtually any smooth surface with either soap and water but if that’s not the way you want to go, starter pantry decals in script are available and look very pretty in your pantry. Chalkboard labels are also very popular because of its’ relatively easy method of changing labels!


Remember- bigger, bulky containers and items on the bottom and smaller items on top. Creating an organic flow in your pantry is a conscience way of locating where things are in your pantry and it just plain looks nice.


Creating new levels of shelving within your existing shelves optimizes pantry space! This is great to take seasoning into account since they’re typically in shorter containers. If you absolutely are out of room in your shelves, check out this neat back-door shelf that would free up pantry space as well!

Wouldn’t it be nice to open your pantry and sigh of delight versus the immediate eye-roll? Can you hear the beach boys singing possibility in your ear? This is one of those projects that really pays for itself (not having to repurchase all the things you already had-but couldn’t find) so enjoy this purging project paired with some productive tunes.

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