Cindi’s Kitchen

Check out one of our more drastic kitchen remodels in Suwanee. An update was long overdue for this 80’s kitchen. Keep scrolling, it gets better I promise!cindi-1

We closed up the door to the garage to improve the flow and add a little more counter space. We pulled up all the dated linoleum square flooring and put in engineered hardwood for a warmer, natural look.

There were encapsulated raised panel cabinets that were very traditional and a little cheesy looking. The melamine (plastic) had to go! We opted for a more transitional look but kept the classic white with these solid wood shakers. To soften the white we adorned these cabinets with antique burnished brass cup pulls.  The aged metal adds some character, while adding warmth and contrast to the doors.

Next, we removed the Tiffany style stained glass pendant and ceiling fan and replaced it with two industrial utilitarian pendants, just above the farm table, grounding the room and bringing focus to the center of the kitchen. This makes the kitchen more inviting and social. It’s no longer for cooking, it’s for eating too! I just imagine that if I were in this kitchen chopping vegetables at the perimeter, my kids would be gathered around the table, telling me about their day while finishing some school work or chowing down on an afternoon snack. Who wouldn’t want to sit around this gorgeous farm table paired with a rustic custom built bench and wicker rattan chairs? We especially loved tying this table into the design because of it’s history. This table was originally a desk in a science lab that our customer’s father had salvaged and given to her. We refinished the top, freshened up the paint, and gave it a new home.

And don’t overlook the clever chalkboard refrigerator side panel! It’s great for dinner recipes or menus.

It’s hard to miss all those pretty stainless steel appliances, especially the hood above the oven. Going with a clean finish makes the hood more of a statement, it becomes an aesthetic rather than just a practicality. And those metal letters with the invitation to eat just below it is a fun addition!


One of my favorite details of this kitchen is the countertop! The Kensho Silestone is simply beautiful. It’s the look of a concrete to mesh with an industrial or rustic style, but with all the perks of quartz! Quartz is heat and stain resistant, and like concrete, very durable, but less likely to crack than concrete.


It’s a little more expensive than granite, but definitely worth the investment!


I adore this 1950s inspired swing arm wall sconce. Just perfect for a little light over the kitchen sink. Over a farmhouse cast iron sink nonetheless! This piece is timeless, the curves and the soft white of the enamel will always be in style. And the depth make it so easy to clean large pans. Pair it with an elegant high arch faucet and washing the dishes is no longer a chore, it’s a delight!

An easy way to add color to the kitchen without cluttering it with nick nacks is to decorate with some greenery (fresh herbs) and bright colored fruit. You’ll be reaching for these ingredient anyhow, you might as well put them on display!



This refinished cabinet also brings in some energy with it’s playful yellow trussle and whimsical glass knobs. It was originally a secretary desk, but with a little creativity, it’s repurposed for the kitchen with a hidden charging station.

So there it is, proof that you can breathe life back into an drab kitchen! Hope this gave you some vision–and even if it didn’t– our designers can help you find your style and create a space that you love!